SCiO holds regular meetings: some are open to all and some are open only to its members. Both types of meetings are held in both London and Manchester. Most of these meetings fall into one of two types:

  • Quarterly Open Meetings (open to all), at most of which a series of presentations of general interest to SCiO's members have been given. Some of these meetings have also been used to discuss specific problems in a workshop situation. There is a fee of £20 for all for these meetings. These alternate between the Manchester Business School and the BT Centre in London.
  • Development Days (members only) at which a smaller group of SCiO's members gather in order to apply themselves to a series of specific problems. There is no fee for members (membership costs £30 a year)

Booking is required for all meetings. For open meetings, please use Eventbrite as requested, or email, and for development meetings,

See the Events Page for the agenda and outline of forthcoming meetings as they become available.

The development meetings will be held on the day before the open meetings (Sundays) for the convenience of those who have to travel a significant distance and wish to avoid taking two working days out of the same week. The venues are detailed in the meeting announcement.

We hope many of you will be able to take part in the development sessions this year. They provide an exceptional opportunity to draw upon the collective expertise and experience of other SCiO members in a friendly and supportive environment in which your confidentiality and IP rights (where at issue) will be fully respected. SCiO encourages a culture of mutual assistance and education, and is supportive of those who are only just beginning to draw upon the powerful organizational techniques of systems thinking and cybernetics, so participants may well find exactly the community of support they need.