Dynamic collaboration and strengthening of your systemic interventions

Jan De Visch
08 Juli 2019

Systems thinking is a large field with different approaches. These approaches share a common system theoretical basis, but the specific interpretation is always different. System thinkers often dare to overlook the fact that their developmental stage determines their interpretation. People evolve (as individuals) differently, but according to predictable patterns. In this evolution, one gradually lets go of the ego and can think more fluid.  In project and program approaches, the diversity in developmental stages among the participants determines the breadth and depth of a systemic approach that will be rolled out. You can distinguish between downward and upward team dynamics, and by extension, very narrow to very broad system approaches. These dynamics are responsible for collaborative intelligence that will (or will not) arise. Understanding these dynamics allows you to intervene more precisely from your systemic framework.

Jan De Visch is Exec. Prof. Organizational and Human Capital at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), Managing Director of Connect & Transform (a consulting company), and Co-Founder of In-Flow Solutions (an HR Tech company). His most recent book (Dynamic Collaboration – see www.connecttransform.be) with Otto Laske as co-author describes in detail team dynamics from developmental diversity in collaborations.