The Hidden Power Podcast Ep 6: Post-Crash Analysis and Preflight Checklist

Ed Straw
Philip Tottenham
Gerald Midgley
14 November 2020

For this final episode of series 1, I wanted to build on Buckminster Fuller’s idea of our planet – our habitat and life-support system – as being like a spaceship – Spaceship Earth, as he calls it – and building on this idea to use two related models for our discussion: the post-crash analysis and the preflight checklist

First we look at the globally used post-crash analysis as a model for investigating governance – “It’s important that they are not looking to blame someone,” Ed says.

Then we get onto Ed’s Preflight checklist – essentially a renewal of our global social contracts, or constitutions, as they are known, that would take into account the conditions necessary for our survival.

Finally we hear from Gerald Midgley, philosopher on human systems and founding father of systems thinking as an intentional discipline, spelling out with some excitement the impact of what in many respects has been his life’s work.

Gerald Midgley: