Reframing ITIL: A Systems Thinking Look at IT Service Management

Steve Hales
Patrick Hoverstadt
Tony Korycki
10 Januar 2020

RRP: £19.95   Paperback: 179 pages   Publisher: SCiO - independently (10 Jan. 2020)   ISBN: 1708360085

“Reframing ITIL" is much more than a useful guide to the basic processes of IT Service Management. It distils fundamental, complex organisational thinking into entirely practical, workable approaches which allow you to really 'get' and begin to manage core underlying organisational dynamics. As such it will be useful for anyone involved in the planning and deployment of services within an organisation or as a service provider to that organisation.

The book provides a gentle introduction to the Viable System Model as a tool to managing and operating successfully within any organisation. It combines this with a refreshing review of ITIL processes - operating dynamically via feedback loops rather than as a set of activities being conducted in series with each other (as is often portrayed).

Once the reader has digested the Viable System Model and approach, they can start to understand where ITIL processes fit in their own situations and how they can assess the gaps that create and exaggerate issues in delivering services.

The chapter on outsourcing gives a particularly refreshing review of the real-world scenarios seen both by consumers and providers of outsourced services. Overall, the book encapsulates a lot of knowledge and thinking which otherwise needs to be hard-fought from challenging books and context.