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Open Meeting - Winter 2014/15

Mon 26 January 2015 10:00–17:30
, United Kingdom
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Open Meeting
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Open Meeting - Winter 2014/15

An open meeting where a series of presentations of general interest regarding systems practice will be given - this will include 'craft' and active sessions, as well as introductions to theory.  

There is a fee of £10 for all attendees for these meetings (plus a small eventbrite fee), and booking is required via  

If you do not wish to pay through eventbrite, it is still possible to book via and pay on the door.  

Event Resources

Systems and performance management
In, October Steve set out a framework fro mapping systems concepts, principles and models to real life applications of the sort that interest SCIO members. In this presentation, Steve will describe an example of the explicit use of a systems model (the VSM) to critique, diagnose and design intervent... Read more
Managing complexity in organisations
Managing the complexity of the internet-based global market. During the last 20 years, the complexity of the Internet-based global market has increased to such extend that many conventional resource-allocation systems have difficulty in coping with the increased demand/supply dynamics. The talk wil... Read more
How market ecosystems demand outside-in enterprise architecture
Markets are the ecosystems in which enterprises thrive, survive, and periodically die. A successful enterprise understands its value in the context of the wider environment, and can constantly redesign itself as the ecosystem evolves. Understanding context when designing or re‐designing a structure... Read more
Public sector commissioning - systems thinking and systems leadership under the radar
The public sector is beginning to apply systems thinking to society’s wicked issues.  Through the relatively new profession of commissioning, an emerging culture and set of tools is pushing the boundaries of leadership, service development and the role of the state.  A revolution is afoot. During t... Read more
Mon 26 January 2015 10:00–17:30

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£10 - pay via eventbrite please