Meta-contextuality through the medium of Bongard games: why methods and practices depend on context

Benjamin Taylor
16 October 2017

Many of us are searching for 'neat and complete' answers to the messiness and complexity of (organisational / social / economic / ecological) life. Me too, though I've always known it's impossible. Then I stumbled across Bongard games on thanks to Mike Haber, and discovered a way to demonstrate - through experience - why it's not possible. I'll invite you to experience the joy of Bongard, and lead a discussion on Meta-contextuality, meaning-making and related ideas - focusing on why this is really valuable. This practice session will use a lot of pretentious language and high-falutin' concepts, but only for fun. The underlying idea is deadly simple, important, and useful.

Benjamin P Taylor runs RedQuadrant, a network consultancy, mainly in public services, and the not-for-profit social enterprise the Public Service Transformation Academy, is a nonexec director of SCIO and is trying to organise and make useful the world's systems thinking at