Open Meetings (open to all)

A series of presentations of general interest to SCiO's members and others is given. Some of these meetings are also used to discuss specific
problems in a workshop situation.

FEE: £20 for all attendees for these meetings

Development Days (members only)

Smaller group of SCiO's members gather in order to apply themselves to a series of specific problem brought by the attendees. A study topic
(usually from Systems theory) may also be addressed.

Professional Development

See the Professional Development page for more details. If no courses are visible below, please contact us using the Contact form and ask for the course.

FEE: for members is £40 and for all others is £100

Our regular Courses are:

  • SC101 - A Beginners Workshop in Modelling using the Viable Systems Model
  • SC102 - Organisational Dynamics - Viable Systems Modelling Intermediate