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Open Meeting - Summer 2013

8 July 2013 10:00–16:30
, United Kingdom
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Open Meeting
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All welcome

Open Meeting - Summer 2013

Please book early by contacting the organiser at There are 36 places. Please give your organisation (if appropriate) for BT Security reference.

You must book at least a week in advance for security reasons. Money is collected on the day – cash or cheque. An Open Meeting where a series of presentations of general interest regarding Systems Practice will be given.

Times are approximate and session scheduling will be completed closer to the time

10.00     SCiO notices

10.20     Session 1 Drinks break

11.40     Session 2  

Lunch 1.40       

Session 3 Drinks break 3.00       

Session 4 Tie-up Discussion

4.30        close… and discussions continue in the bar  the attendance fee is £10, the open meeting is open to non-members, and lunch and drinks are not included, but facilities are available.

Event Resources

Domesticating feral systems
Ferality is the bane of management. Ferality reduces agility, destroys customer service, increases business costs and compromises brand value. This unconsciously engineered sleeping partner within our business system, lying dormant for many years, has been awakened by the recent turmoil in our marke... Read more
transduction: discussion of transduction in the design of information systems and control systems
There is one functional area in Beer’s VSM, transduction, which is not fully explored in his work. Essentially, this is the change in the nature of goods/services and information when they cross a boundary. Organisations manage their total variety by systemically managing all the inter-linked  syst... Read more
Grounding System Viability Models and Soft Methodologies for Architecting oil and gas independents
Mesbah will address the approach he has taken and the issues he has considered in blending systems thinking with enterprise architecture in the context of upstream oil and gas independents. In particular, he will explain the conceptual and pragmatic challenges of integrating systems approaches that ... Read more
Understanding organisations using ‘systems-thinking’ is well established, so what prevents us from turning the organisation into a ‘thinking-system’?
What do adaptive lean principles tell us about the way we need to design, build and operate modern businesses? Can we design organizations that are adaptive, innovative and engaging for employees and customers alike? Can we really change work climates in reasonably short time-frames? The organisati... Read more
8 July 2013 10:00–16:30

United Kingdom