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Open Meeting - Summer 2014

7 July 2014 10:00–16:30
, United Kingdom
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Open Meeting
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Open Meeting - Summer 2014

An open meeting where a series of presentations of general interest regarding systems practice will be given - this will include 'craft' and active sessions, as well as introductions to theory.

There is a fee of £10 for all attendees for these meetings, and booking is required via  

This session is not themed, but coincidentally has three presentations from therapists of different stripes - family, psycho- and occupational therapy; all speakers are arguably interested in a therapeutic perspective on organisations. The presentations couldn't be more diverse, introducing four different systemic perspectives in practical contexts - systems theories of meaning, organisation, wellbeing at work, and adult development.  

Event Resources

Special 9am introduction to the 'Viable Systems Model'
This will be delivered using a 'live case study' by Stephen J Brewis, Chief Research Scientist at BT Innovate – on improving the quality of decision making in the creation & execution of BT’s Network This talk will look at the design of the new governance structure that has recently been implem... Read more
Co-ordinated management of meaning: a systemic framework
Christine Oliver will present co-ordinated management of meaning as an ethical and practical frame for making sense of and orienting oneself within the system, treating ‘the system’ as constituting contextualised patterns of narrative and communicative interaction.  Particular attention will be paid... Read more
Beer at work (how work can make us sick, and Beer can make us better)
Dr Christoph Giagounidis is an occupational health doctor. Prompted by the rising number of stressed people he sees on a weekly basis, he is working on the connection between the health of workers and cybernetic deficiencies in their organisations, mainly through the writings of Stafford Beer. More ... Read more
A heretic's view of Deming and systems thinking
The rapid change, chaos and complexity of today’s global marketplace demands more progressive management. Transformation of organizations to an optimum level of performance can only take place if such progressive management is able to take a balanced view of the whole situation. W Edwards Deming pro... Read more
7 July 2014 10:00–16:30

United Kingdom

£10 - cash on the door please