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Open Meeting - Winter 2018/19

21 January 2019 09:30–17:00
, United Kingdom
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Open Meeting
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Open Meeting - Winter 2018/19

Please note that places fill up quickly for these events. It is advised that you book asap if you intend to come along.

Please book via Eventbrite: Eventbrite/scio-open-meeting-winter-2018/19-tickets to avoid disappointment.

This is an open meeting where a series of presentations of general interest regarding systems practice will be given - this will include 'craft' and active sessions, as well as introductions to theory. 09:30 - an introduction to the viable system model. Main presentations start at 10:00.

Event Resources

Productive Organisational Paradoxes
It is often said that organisations are full of paradoxes. But this refers to contradictions and tensions. It is understood as something that needs to be taken care of. When organisations are looked at as social systems, however, it becomes clear that they are only possible because of paradoxes, and... Read more
Measuring and Building Organisational Agility
Organisational agility is now a relatively hot topic, which it wasn’t when I first talked about this subject at SCiO 6 years ago. Since then, we’ve significantly developed and extended the model for measuring agility, so will be talking about the latest developments. We’ll start with the need for b... Read more
Wicked Problems in Design and Ethics
One of the most important intersections between design and systems is their shared concern for ethics. When we think of ethical considerations in either context, we often do so in terms of applied ethics—as the application of ethical insight to guide practice, addressing issues such professional sta... Read more
Coordination is not the answer to the division of work !
The Model T wasn’t Fords product, it was River Rouge, anybody could make the Model T but not  everybody could make River Rouge.  River Rouge was a special type of transactional organisation that gave it competitive advantage. This  advantage comprised of Taylorising the activities by separating the ... Read more
21 January 2019 09:30–17:00

United Kingdom