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Open Meeting - Winter 2019/20

Mon 20 January 2020 09:30–17:15
, United Kingdom
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Open Meeting
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Open Meeting - Winter 2019/20

A packed and exciting-looking SCiO open meeting where a series of presentations of general interest regarding systems practice will be given - this will include 'craft' and active sessions, as well as introductions to theory.

Starts at 09:30 - 'introduction to the viable system model'. Main presentations start at 10:00 with ...

Event Resources

Are Viable Companies Alive? Does it Matter?
The Viable System Model is one of the key capabilities that SCiO has focused on. It’s an implementation of cybernetics. “Viable system” suggests living system — and vibrant systems feel alive. Are they? Can organisations be organisms? And what difference would that make? This questions our questions... Read more
Systems-Centered® - Working with Differences Differently
In common with all living human systems, organisations need differences to develop and transform. And yet, in organisations, as in all living human systems, we often dismiss, attack or try to convert differences. Indeed, we are primed neurologically to do this – our Flight, Fight, Freeze responses. ... Read more
Systems and Strategy War Rooms
The talk will look at the underlying concepts, design and practice of War Rooms as decision environments for dealing with complex and fast moving situations. Starting with Blackett’s invention of the War Room, through Beer’s Cybersyn to the work we are currently engaged on and its use with client in... Read more
Mon 20 January 2020 09:30–17:15

BT Centre
81 Newgate Street
United Kingdom