SCiO UK Virtual Open Meeting - November 2020

Mon 16 November 2020 18:30–20:30  GMT
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Open Meeting
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All welcome

SCiO UK Virtual Open Meeting - November 2020

Virtual Open Meeting: A series of presentations of general interest to Systems and Complexity in Organisation's members and others.

About this Event

SCiO organises Open Meetings to provide opportunities for practitioners to learn and develop new practice, to build relationships, networks hear about skills, tools, practice and experiences. This virtual session will be held on Zoom, the details of which will be confirmed nearer the time.

The programme for 16 November is as follows:

18:30 – Welcome, SCiO notices, virtual housekeeping

18:40 – Check-in

18:50 – Session 1 (presentation followed by Q & A ) – Gareth Evans

19:40 – Session 2 (presentation followed by Q & A) – Tony Korycki

20:25 – Summary and close

20:30 - 21:00 (Optional) - virtual networking

Event Resources

Systems and Complexity : nothing changed, nothing new
Systems have formed a significant part of science over many-a-year... scholars such as; Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Peter Checkland, Ross Ashby, Russell Ackoff, Stafford Beer and many more have discussed, debated and placed front and centre the importance of ‘Systems Thinking’ in helping us to deal with... Read more
Introduction to Critical System Heuristics
This session is a brief introduction to what Critical Systems Heuristics (CSH) is, how it fits, where it applies, how it works in a nutshell, and how it relates to other methods in the Systems Thinking meta-approach. There’s also a simplified practical example of CSH in practice, and hopefully a cha... Read more
Mon 16 November 2020 18:30–20:30
This is an online event.