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SCiO Viable System Model - Beginners (SC101)

25 June 2016 09:30–17:00
, United Kingdom
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Professional Development
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SCiO Viable System Model - Beginners (SC101)

This is a whole day workshop designed for those relatively new to VSM and provides basic training in building a Model of an organisation using VSM.

The attendees work together in groups to develop their model of a case study organisation and to diagnose weaknesses. The workshop follows a structured approach, with a series of steps that take the groups through a modelling process in (relatively!) easy stages.

The case study is based on a real organisation - a medium sized IT and office supplies company and provides a platform for developing the skills needed to take normal organisational information, show how that relates to the VSM and how the VSM can provide a set of new insights into the company.

The workshop will be run by Patrick Hoverstadt of Fractal Consulting.   Booking The workshop is open to members and non-members of SCiO. The fee for members and OU students is £20 and for all others is £100. Places are limited, so please book early. Please book through EventBrite.

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25 June 2016 09:30–17:00

United Kingdom

SCiO members and OU students £20, and for all others £100 - pay by eventbrite please.