Enhanced Learning Club (SCiO UK)

do 11 november 2021 19:00–20:00  GMT
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Enhanced Learning Club (SCiO UK)


Have you ever wanted to pick up something new but ... struggle with google bringing you no less that 76,498 results? ... don't like doing it on your own? ... worry you'll get it 'wrong' and waste your time ... procrastinate terribly? ... can't remember what you've learnt?

We are proposing an experiment - an 'Enhanced Learning Club' (ELC) - where we intend to gather a small group of people to learn something, apply it, and explain it. Think of it like an interactive, emergent book-club where you don't have to read books - you can gather information from any respectable source. The ELC will be self-directing, revising the study boundary along the way. People will work together to unlock learning thresholds and help each other through zones of personal development.

We'll come together fairly regularly to plan, research, combine, corroborate and create artifacts of the learning (presentation, poem, artwork or similar). We hope this process will be emergent and support people's different learning styles, approaches and confidence. Finishing with a short presentation showing interpretation and application, we will adjust the whole process and repeat once more - after which we'll do a more formal evaluation and check-in with the directors and decide the future of the ELC.

So, if you are interesting in coming on an experimental and emergent learning journey please attend an interest session on the 11th Nov @ 19:00 - 20:00 by sending me an email for the zoom link.

If you are enable to make the interest session but would like to know more - please email me via the booking link and we can arrange something.

Cheers, Gavin. 

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do 11 november 2021 19:00–20:00
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