SCiO Virtual Development Event - August 2020

ma 10 augustus 2020 18:30–20:30
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Development Day
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SCiO Virtual Development Event - August 2020

SCiO’s Development Days offer an opportunity to draw upon the collective expertise of SCiO members in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. By taking Development Events online, using the Zoom meeting platform, we aim to make them accessible to more SCiO members

Development Events are both for members who are just starting out on a journey to explore Systems Thinking approaches, and for those who have many years of exploration and practice.

Two Topics were discussed and in both cases short presentations have been made available by the topic proposers: (in progress)

Event Resources

Combining the VSM with other systems thinking methods – looking for fruitful combinations
This topic is aimed at taking stock of members’ experiences with using the VSM explicitly in combination with other methods. What went well? What did not? I will introduce the topic with a (very) short introduction of my own experiences (including causal loop diagrams, Deming and Cybernetic Big 5 Th... Read more
How Systems Thinking can help with digital transformation
Global economy putting pressure to digitalise at day to day interactions and business (micro) level. Digitalisation will transform not only the way we make business, but the way people interact, live in our cities and communities, commute and travel, and consume. It is difficult to appreciate the de... Read more
ma 10 augustus 2020 18:30–20:30
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