Systems thinking in the NHS: friend or foe?

Pauline Roberts
20 april 2015

NHS reforms have exposed leaders and staff to a scope and speed of change unlike anything they have experienced before. At a time when the NHS is still acclimatising to the most significant change since its establishment, we may pose a question, 'does the current context present a prime opportunity for new ways of thinking and working to emerge?” and “How does it feel to be a NHS manager trying to champion systems thinking in this new world?' 

Pauline Roberts will illustrate her experience of using systems thinking in the NHS, demonstrating the value it brought to understanding the situation of interest and some of the challenges that then arose. 

Pauline Roberts is a systems practitioner with management experience in the private and public sector. She has an MSc Systems Thinking in Practice and has worked for numerous NHS organisations, applying systems thinking to diagnose weaknesses in and develop health services.