SCiO Competency Framework

SCiO has created a framework of competencies for members who are practitioners of systems thinking, based on our Systems Thinking Body of Knowledge (SysBoK), the systems laws regularly explored in Development Days, and this is aligned to the Institute for Apprenticeship (IfA) Systems Thinking Practice L7 accreditation and their framework of Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours.

This framework details competencies, along with a method for members to self-assess their skill ability, mapping of extent of practice, and evidence, against ...

  • Systems Knowledge and Skills
  • Systems Thinking Knowledge and Skills
  • Intervention Skills

The SCiO Competency Framework can be downloaded by clicking here and used to commence the self-assessment process by any member. If you require an editable version of this framework, please contact:

Self-assessment and competency classification is supported by assessment interview with two member practitioners, using the framework of: Situation, Objectives/Goals, Actions, Results and Aftermath/Learning, the SOARA method.

Classification at skill levels will support mentoring, continual professional development priorities and support for IfA systems thinking practitioner apprenticeship assessment.