Below the Radar; harnessing Emotional Intelligence - a craft workshop

Doug Haynes
16 April 2012

When working with Systems, we tend to model our system-in-focus by identifying key stakeholder groups and their involvement with the system activity. For every individual involved, there will be observed performance, in terms of observed actions and behaviours, but also hidden brain activity including autonomous functions, emotional activity, and the workings of the unconscious mind - all active below the radar.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an awareness-based capability. EI describes the ability to understand the needs and feelings of oneself and other people, to manage one’s own feelings, and to respond to others in appropriate ways. It has been demonstrated that decisions cannot be made without reference to the limbic system, which is the emotional centre of the brain.
This craft workshop will look briefly at some of our behaviour preferences which operate below the radar. We will use a metaphor from nature, Tetramap, to quickly characterize our behavior preferences, and then undertake a short project to use and reflect on the effectiveness of those behaviour preferences.

Doug is a founder member of SCiO and Director of EI4Change. His current focus is the enhancement of personal emotional intelligence in the workplace.