Language and meta-language of enterprise architecture

Ivo Velitchkov
21 October 2014

Enterprise architects spent most of their time asking or answering hard questions regarding the structure of the enterprise without realising that the language (or modelling approaches) used predispose us towards a particular set of questions and answers. Dr. Ivo Velitchkov will explain why the choice and the proper use of language for formulation and answering enterprise architecture questions is important, why languages used design and automation can be the same, and why languages used for explanations should differ from those used for description.

Dr Ivo Velitchkov is an independent management consultant, mostly known for his work on enterprise architecture and business process management. He has been involved in these and other management areas for 19 years in various capacities: as entrepreneur, chief executive of a software company, university professor, project manager, consultant and researcher. Currently he is helping the business programme management and enterprise architecture practice in the European Commission and other European Union institutions