Making use of facilitation tools in system exploration

Elizabeth McDonnell
08 October 2012

Elizabeth is interested in blending an understanding of ‘facilitation’ as a craft skill with the real challenge of engaging people in utilizing systems thinking and systems tools. 

Underlying this session is a couple of niggling questions that seem to pop up so often, 'what is the problem with systems thinking?' and ‘why are the systems approaches and tools not used more?’

The workshop will explore the process of applying a systems tool e.g creating a diagram/map/ picture and making use of facilitation tools to explore, stimulate ideas, create options and guide participants through a group activity in creating the desired output.

The session dynamics will be for each group to 'do' first, and then ‘reflect’ afterwards on the process and how it relates to facilitation and systems thinking/ tools.

Elizabeth is hoping to be assisted by colleagues who took part in the Portico ‘Action Learning’ set who have met for several working sessions over the last 12 months.