The Mereon Matrix: harmonic patterning in the universe - Lynnclaire Dennis

Lynnclaire Dennis
27 October 2014

Lynnclaire Dennis is a member of an international team of mathematicians, scientists and researchers who’ve worked together since 1994 to systematically verify a geospherical system. From 1998- 2007, computer modelling validated it universal; showing how it dynamically unites Nature’s building blocks. ‘The Mereon Matrix; Unity, Perspective and Paradox’, published by Elsevier in 2013, present the basics and show it applied to the origin of the universe, matter, human molecular genetics and learning. Cymatically observable in water, it is a ‘Game Changer’ revealing simplicity and sustainable order in complex, self-organising systems.

Applications for personal, professional and organisational development include: 

- ‘BeLonging’; a classroom management protocol for elementary schools implemented since 2004; 

- ‘LettingGrow’; a block learning model for secondary education first implemented in Stuttgart, DE in 2006; 

- ‘The Intrepreneurial Organisation’: redefining HR as ‘Human Relationships’, individuals define authenticity so groups with a shared vision, mutual values, and diverse competences can consciously co-operate. Progress replaces process and increased productivity generates benefits that include and transcend profits. 


"The 'Ma' and The 'Pa', the Matrix and the Pattern, together again. How I wish that Piaget, Bucky Fuller and Einstein were with us here today." Heinz von Foerster, holding Mai's hand in the air in celebration with Louis Kauffman and Lynnclaire Dennis, Rattlesnake Ranch, Pescadero, California 2000