Mind the Gap! The missing body of knowledge and methodology for assessing peoples’ systems thinking capability

Niki Jobson (Dr)
22 October 2018

Both the academic and corporate literature recognise the value of systems thinking in helping today’s decision makers address the socially complex and dynamic challenges they face.  However, as systems thinking is an emerging professional practice there are a number of requirements for a body of knowledge to enable organisations and decision makers to develop staff, or access external resources, that have the requisite knowledge and skills. Specifically, what they require are: 1) a competency framework which defines the body of technical knowledge (concepts, methods tools and techniques), practitioner skills and behaviours 2) an assessment framework that enables competencies to be evaluated, measured and assessed and 3) assessment methodologies. This session will include:

  1. an outline of an SCiO’s competency framework being developed in line with the Level 7 apprenticeship
  2. interactive session seeking feedback on the individual elements of the competency framework
  3. exploring the systems methods and tools used during practice that that members find most useful
  4. exploring thoughts on potential assessment of systems competence