Reflexivity in Systems Thinking

Joan O'Donnell
17 October 2016

How do we regulate ourselves in practice? How do we bring elegance and aesthetics to our work? How can single double and triple loop learning prompt greater reflexivity in practice? How can we embody theoretical knowledge in a way that encompasses all our being and act with deep awareness? How do we ensure that the quality of the interventions we make are enhanced by an awareness of our internal states?
This presentation will draw on a recent study I conducted with social justice advocates working in Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and from which a refined model of how levels of reflexive practice relate to effectiveness emerged. This may be of interest to Systems thinking professionals, who seek to deepen personal practice, or mentor others to develop their reflexive stance.
As an advocate who engages in supervision and peer mentoring of others working towards social justice goals, I have a strong interest in how our internal worlds engage in the systems we seek to change and how that becomes explicit or remains inaccessible to ourselves and others in how we move forward with situations.