Reframing ITIL: A Systems Thinking Look at IT Service Management

Steve Hales
Patrick Hoverstadt
Tony Korycki
10 January 2020

RRP: £19.95   Paperback: 179 pages   Publisher: SCiO - independently (10 Jan. 2020)   ISBN: 1708360085

This book is for readers who already have some familiarity with ITIL and/or work in IT service organisations. This book will be useful for managers, consultants, ITIL specialists and trainers to provide context and solutions to everyday problems of planning, organising and implementing ITIL & ITSM. The focus is ITIL version agnostic: the points made apply equally to ITIL 3 and 4.Reframing ITIL turns the usual approaches to ITIL and IT service organisations on their heads. This book uses visual ‘frames’ based on systems thinking approaches to enhance readers’ understanding of ITIL. These frames also show how ITIL processes work and how their combination produces IT Service Management organisations. The investigation starts with the change/control loops that deliver and support IT Service Operation systems and finds loops and processes that are missing in ITIL. It looks at the functions and processes that support services with a focus on the service desk and workflows. It addresses the processes involved in developing a service and especially communications. The remaining ITIL processes that manage the service and the service organisation respectively are investigated regarding their roles in resource provision, requirements definition, reporting, coordination, innovation and governance. Next there is an in-depth look at the organisational structures used in delivering IT Service Management. Finally IT outsourcing is presented and some of the difficulties associated with it – and how to fix them.