Strategy Dynamics Essentials

Kim Warren
12 May 2015

RRP: £10   Paperback : 174 pages   ISBN : 1505809053   Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (12 May 2015)   Language: : English

In this book Kim provides the reader with a reliable method to develop “joined up” strategies and plans for common business situations – a powerful addition to current tools and frameworks. The initial focus is on the core “strategic architecture” of the business, which explains how performance arises from its system of real elements (customers, staff, products, capacity, cash). Later chapters extend the method to deal with the quality and development of customers and other resources, competition, policy decisions, intangible factors and organizational capabilities.

The strategy dynamics method deploys the rigorous, scientific method of system dynamics - essentially the application of engineering control theory principles to social systems.

The method leads to the creation of working, quantified models of any enterprise, or any part thereof, of any scale, in any sector—or of any issue that such an enterprise may face.

Kim uses clear, every-day language, and develops examples demonstrating how to create working, quantified models we need to develop and manage strategy.

The book is supported by the Sysdea strategy planning software. Many of Kim’s example models are available online for the reader to explore. Sysdea -

This version of the book is printed in greyscale. A version with the interior charts etc in color is also available search on - ISBN-13: 978-1512107753 .