Why organisation and systems theory and practice will solve the enduring problems of government, and politics and more democracy (by itself) will not.

Ed Straw
15 June 2015

Having spent a working lifetime in and around government in various roles, I became more and more frustrated with its capacity - regardless of the party in power - to produce much beneficial change. I’ve watched able, well-meaning people themselves frustrated by Westminster and Whitehall. With a consultant’s eye it became evident that the problems lay with the system of government - problems common to most democratic countries. Analysing government as an organisation - albeit a very large one - produced the insights as to why it fails, and the basis for designing a new system. Melding constitutional and political theory with this, a ‘Treaty For Government’ should provide vastly better government than that on which many have turned their backs, taken to independence as the answer, protest voted, or become once again briefly hooked on politicians’ promises.

The website is here: www.treatyforgovernment.com . I’d welcome all at the event prodding, poking and testing the Treaty.