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Mike has had a recent introduction to formal systems thinking, backed up by a history of being an systemic-ish internal change agent in educational IT organisations. Having recently completed a year of study with the Open University he's still aware of the journey that people starting learning about systems face, and hopes to use this understanding to help provide some signposts. The systems cards have many purposes, from providing a quick remin... Read more
  Niki Jobson is a Defence Analyst working for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, an agency of the Ministry of Defence. The presentation will cover a number of concepts from Complex Systems Science (so includes some general systems concepts!) and how they were used as tools for thinking in a complex and highly dynamic Defence problem and to challenge existing ways of thinking. A key area of discussion will be the role of adaptation i... Read more
  System dynamics (SD) is an approach that enables the behaviour of complex systems to be better understood and simulated.  SD has been extensively applied to studying and managing complex feedback systems, such as business and other social systems, over the last 50 years.  SD models represent changes in system behaviour over time by using the analogy of flows accumulating and depleting over time in stocks.  Often these flows and stocks will be ... Read more
Having spent a working lifetime in and around government in various roles, I became more and more frustrated with its capacity - regardless of the party in power - to produce much beneficial change. I’ve watched able, well-meaning people themselves frustrated by Westminster and Whitehall. With a consultant’s eye it became evident that the problems lay with the system of government - problems common to most democratic countries. Analysing governme... Read more
Barry has a unique understanding of human systems, based on four decades of work with the power lab and the organization workshop, experiential educational programs which have also served as his window into human systems. His presentation will focus on the costs of system blindness and the creative possibilities of system sight. He is the author of seeing systems, leading systems, and in the middle.
Joanne will discuss key principles of effective workshops, with a focus on creativity, taking a systems perspective and learning from the wisdom of the group. Participants will then Ketso to explore these ideas, and the workshop will end with a discussion of the way that principles have been embodied in the physical toolkit (of Ketso). Joanne is a Lecturer in Planning and Environmental Management, School of Environment, Education and Development... Read more
I joined the ICT industry in 1974, teaching COBOL programming. By the early 1990's I had opened the first computer training department at Tesco head office, been a systems programmer, written one of the first database systems to run on the IBM PC, and generally had a lot of fun. But I had also noticed that many of the best paid jobs I had done were on projects that either failed or were barely successful. My experience showed that the issues wer... Read more
NHS reforms have exposed leaders and staff to a scope and speed of change unlike anything they have experienced before. At a time when the NHS is still acclimatising to the most significant change since its establishment, we may pose a question, 'does the current context present a prime opportunity for new ways of thinking and working to emerge?” and “How does it feel to be a NHS manager trying to champion systems thinking in this new world?'  P... Read more
Angus has a transdisciplinary biography that includes professor, entrepreneur, consultant, writer, meditant and photographer. •        Most businesses have an intentional but inadequate and dysfunctional approach to managing identity. This session will propose that any organism or organization has its own organizational logic, which closes it off from being anything else, and anything else from being it. •        A tool will be sketched that ca... Read more
Managing the complexity of the internet-based global market. During the last 20 years, the complexity of the Internet-based global market has increased to such extend that many conventional resource-allocation systems have difficulty in coping with the increased demand/supply dynamics. The talk will focus on new methods for managing complexity of the Internet-based global market based on concepts of adaptability and real-time decision making. Co... Read more